Services Wellingford Millwork

Our State of the Art Equipment and our network of associates, allow us to fabricate any Millwork Project from A to Z and ensure every step will properly follow Industry Best Practices and Regulations as we are a Premium Grade Manufacturer by AWI QCP Certification


From basic plastic laminate base and wall cabinets to exotic real wood veneer,  engineered casework units; Wellingford can exceed your expectations with exceptional work for every room in your project. Use and combination of metals, glass, and other engineered materials give you a wide range of design options


Constructed of Plastic laminate, Solid Surface materials, Solid wood Butcher Blocks, among others. Our countertops are engineered, fabricated, and delivered with quality being second to none on every step of the process from conception to installation

Wall & Ceiling Panels

Wall and Ceiling Panels using uncountable combinations of customized materials and finishes. From common to exotic woods, combining wood with metal, and even concrete with other engineered materials, we will dress your walls and ceilings to match your design and your building's identity

Windows & Doors

From basic slab to ornate, engineered doors and windows, constructed in a wide range of materials, wood veneers and finishes as numerous as your imagination can dream up; are built to meet both architectural and technical specs, while still maintaining the basis of your design concept. 

Custom Trim/Moulding

Moulding accents, from paint grade to fully finished wood grain. Finishes ranging from stock colors to fully matched to your samples. Always fabricated from your specs. Creates the look and feel of the design intent. Quality is engineered into our product from CAD to install

Custom Furniture

From basic transaction counters to fully customized curved and radial reception desks utilizing glass, metal, and wood. Wellingford uses state of the art engineering software to design your custom product in 3-D part by digital part to ensure quality is built into every custom product we supply your project


Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, and many other engineered plastics, are seamlessly incorporated into your design with the techy-craftsman touch we put on every project we deliver


Glass, Glazing, Mirrors, or plastics, or any combination are engineered to meet your most demanding specs. Wellingford will source the best glass for your difficult requirements and incorporate the material into our product to meet and possibly exceed your expectations